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Lidocare 4 % Lidocaine Pain relife Patch


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Lidocare is the newest over-the-counter/non-prescription lidocaine pain patch that delivers fast relief through the localized delivery of 4% Lidocaine - the highest strength available without a prescription. Lidocare is the ONLY water-free lidocaine patch available on the market. Lidocare can provide up to 8 hours of pain relief from aggravated nerves by blocking the pain at the site.

Lidocare's form-fitting ultra-flexible pain-relief patches can be worn during daily activities, providing soothing relief for sore knees, shoulders, neck, elbows, and fingers. Lidocare's lidocaine patches can be trimmed to size for smaller areas. Lidocare is offered in two different packaging configurations: Lidocare Back/Shoulder (3 large patches)


Lidocaine Works

Lidocaine patches work by going straight to the source of "aggravated nerves" and provide soothing pain relief for up to 8 hours. What you probably didn't know is that Lidocare patches deliver this effective relief in a concentrated form using the maximum level of lidocaine available without a prescription!

Not watered down pain relief

Lidocare is the ONLY lidocaine patch available that is water-free. We don't put water in our patch for many reasons, but mainly: we don't believe we should water down pain relief. Lidocare's active ingredient, lidocaine, gets rid of pain by focusing on the receptors that cause pain. Another reason for the lack of water is we want your pain-relief patch to stay on while you're active without the worry of siding off when you're working out, walking, or simply doing everyday activities. Watered-down patches limit the consumer's mobility due to the lack of adhesion.


Lidocare - Lidocaine Pain Relief Patches

Lidocaine Patch by Lidocare, flexible, comfortable, 8-hour pain-relief

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