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The most dangerous time of the day is often right after you eat.

That’s when insulin and glucose flood your bloodstream during the digestion of your meal.

Even if you are not diabetic, this tidal wave of after-meal insulin and glucose can cause lasting damage that leads to increased risk of stroke, heart attack, dementia, and diabetes.1-3

Life Extension® has expended tremendous effort over the years seeking practical methods to reduce the impact of the glucose/insulin spikes that follow most meals.

Scientists have identified two unique plant extracts, maqui-berry and clove extract, that markedly mitigate after-meal surges in blood glucose and insulin levels.

In a human trial, researchers found that standardized maqui- berry extract delayed and lowered dangerous after-meal glucose levels and reduced after-meal insulin spikes (by a startling 56% compared to the placebo group).4

In another human trial, clove flower dropped after-meal glucose levels to about the same as the before-meal values.5

The discovery of natural compounds that can safely reduce the impact of after-meal increases in glucoseand insulin blood levels has significant public health implications.

Life Extension Magazine December 2013


Enhanced Winter Wellness Against Colds & Flu

By Michael Downey

Enhanced Winter Wellness Against Colds & Flu

It’s one of the top 10 killers in the US, causing an average estimate of over 30,000 people to die each year.1,2 It’s not heart disease or cancer or diabetes… it’s the flu.

Most people associate the flu with muscle pain, coughing, sore throat, fatigue, and other symptoms, but the flu can turn into a deadly infection.2,3

Scientists have found two ingredients that prime the immune system to defend against the onslaught of influenza and other seasonal pathogens that can result in serious illness and even death.2,4,5

Anti Aging Telomere Treatment Is Here

by GiGi


I first brought up telomeres back in November in this post: Vitamin D3 and Aging. Basically, they are part of your DNA that are attached to the end of your chromosomes. As we age, they get shorter. Once they get too short, the cells cannot divide and we die.

Now science has found an enzyme that actually reverses that process by keeping the telomere long. A company called Geron developed TA-65, a molecule that activates the enzyme.

TA-65 is made from the chinese herb Astragalus. Apparently, just taking the herb as a supplement will not give you the same results, as there is very little TA-65 produced in the regular processing of this herb.

TA-65 - Supplement Of The Moment

by MALC on MARCH 28, 2010

TA-65 is a ‘supplement’ extracted from the herb Astragalus which repairs thetelomere – the straggly bits at the end of our DNA wich get shorted each time our cells divide. This process – the reducing of telomere length – eventually kills us off at the age of a maximum of 120. In other words, if we were healthy enough that nothing else killed us off, the shrinking of the telomere would do so at this age.

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