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Terpichol Plus 60 kapsulek


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Terpichol Plus is a composition of natural terpenes enriched with milk thistle oil and caraway oil. Milk thistle: supports the work of the liver and helps protect its cells. It contributes to the proper production of bile and supports the physiological ability of the liver to eliminate harmful substances from the body. Caraway: contributes to the proper secretion of digestive juices.

do not use the product if you have ever experienced hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients.

It is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

milk thistle oil, shell component - pork gelatin, menthol, shell component - glycerol, alpha-pinene, cumin essential oil, menton, borneol, camphene, cineole. 1 capsule contains: Milk thistle oil - 50 mg * Menthol - 30 mg * Alpha-pinene - 16.1 mg * Cumin essential oil - 10 mg * Menton - 5.6 mg * Borneol - 4.7 m * Camphene - 4.7 mg * Cyneol - 1.9 mg * * No reference nutritional value.

1 capsule twice a day.
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