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Essentiale Max 600mg, 30 caps


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Sanofi ESSENTIALE MAX 600mg N30 caps. Sanofi Fatty Liver Detox Regeneration Diseases Treatment

Essentiale Max is a herbal medicinal product used in diseases of the liver.
Product Available Date: 2025-07-30
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1 capsule contains soybean phosphatidylcholine 600 mg.

Medication is indicated
for the treatment of fatty degeneration of the liver,
hepatitis (including toxic hepatitis, liver damage
caused by medicines or alcohol abuse),
cirrhosis of the liver, disturbances
in liver function associated with different illnesses.

 Active substance (1 capsules):

Phospholipidum Essentiale 600mg HIGH strength.

Phospholipids have a protective effect on cells and regenerating liver.
Delivered to the system build into the cell membranes and cytoplasm of liver cells (hepatocytes)
have been damaged by hepatotoxic agents (certain medications, alcohol, organic solvents,
toxins, microorganisms, and allergic immune factors) restoring their proper functioning.
The administration of phospholipids has a beneficial effect on lipid system
- lowers cholesterol and lipoproteins in blood plasma. Phospholipids are excreted in the bile.
The product runs on the active portion of the liver.

 Recommended for people
whose livers were exposed to adverse external factors
such as incorrect / hard to digest diet, alcohol, drugs.

 Recommended Use:
Take 1 capsule a day.

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