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LiceGuard Lice & Egg Shampoo breaks down the bonds that attach eggs and nits to hair, making it three times easier to comb out all the lice, eggs, and nits. Simply lather the product into hair, rinse, and use one of our professional Lice & Egg Combs to easily comb out the remaining lice, eggs, and nits..

Product Features

  • 4-oz Lice & Egg Shampoo


  • Easily remove lice, eggs, and nits from hair.
  • Proven to remove over 3-times as many lice and eggs when compared to other combing methods.
  • Safe for kids & contains no toxic chemicals.
  • Leaves behind pleasant scent.
  • Conditions hair and is safe for everyday use.
  • Get rid of stubborn nits and get back to school faster.
  • Lice & Egg Elimination Kit - LiceGuard

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