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Colvita moisturizing cream 50 ml


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Colvita moisturizing and revitalizing 50 ml
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Special day cream with an intense moisturizing and revitalizing. Especially recommended for use during the collagen therapy.

abolishes the tension of the skin caused by the collagen film

complementing the action of collagen, increases its effectiveness

provides a number of plant nutrients, so apparently affects the appearance and condition of skin

improves the skin's ability to bind water, allowing it to proper functioning

provides a profound renewal

gives a remarkable firmness and elasticity and restores youthful vitality

Active ingredients:

Matrixyl (Procollagen) - stimulates regeneration processes, effectively reduces wrinkles

Collagen - deep and intense regeneration

Aloe (Aloe Barbadensis) - moisturizes, soothes

Noni (Morinda citrifolia) - nourishes, revitalizes

Asian Centella (Centella asiatica) - stimulates the regeneration

Vitamin E - neutralizing free radicals

Rice oil - lubricates and nourishes


Use as a day cream, preferably in combination with collagen cure.

Method of application:

After absorption of collagen, a small amount of cream gently spread on the face and gently pat.

Rich in active ingredients and carriers COLWAY restorative cream contains min. Matrixyl (3%) fish collagen, soy phytoestrogens, vitamin E, allantoin, borage oil, extracts of aloe vera, noni fruit and centelli Asia. This product may be fine-tuned for application to the skin after using pure bioactive collagen.

We kindly ask you to look at the objective of the series COLWAY through the prism used to compose the components. The main idea of ​​the selection was the quality, modernity and complete safety for the spiral structure of fish collagen used.

Matrixyl ™ 3000

Sometimes advertised as procollagen. The last cry of the global biotechnology proteins. Retinol great rival. Includes matrykiny Pal - GHK and Pal - GQPR, which are the carriers of information on the reconstruction and repair of the skin. These peptides have demonstrated in research work in synergy with fish collagen. One of the most expensive substances in cosmetology. Content creams COLWAY - 3%.

Aloe (Aloe vera)

Checked in cosmetics source of flavonoids. Moisturizing and soothing. Valuable for those who frequently use scrub. In the case of extracts of aloe vera is very important to the origin of the raw material from selected crops.

Noni (Morinda Citrifolia)

The extract of this Polynesian plant forms many cosmetics that have been successful in the market. A powerful antioxidant. Cures many skin ailments. Elected to the composition due to the total absence of conflict with fish collagen.

Gotu - Kola (Centella asiatica, Fo - Ti - Tieng)

One of the few plants that forced their way in recent years to cosmetology for more than two seasons. In China as a longevity herb. The extract contains flavonoids, vitamin. A, C and E, triterpenes complex and magnesium. It stimulates the production of mucin and hyaluronic acid. Demonstrated a synergistic effect of soy phytoestrogens and fish collagen.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

Vitamin youth, the most powerful antioxidant in cosmetology. It protects the membranes of skin cells and is synergistic with vitamin. C. It is available in many cosmetics, but only the best biotechnology can be an effective media. Indifferent to fish collagen.

Composition COLWAY cosmetics line is complemented by two substances that have been classified, the underlying components (such as osmotic water, glycerol, triglycerides) and allantoin, stearic acid, oil, wild rice, lemon balm, elastin, preservatives, flavors, and of course fish collagen. It should be fair to say that before the addition of collagen for cosmetics is subjected to freeze-drying (dehydration), the same can not be said about the behavior of the spiral structure and life of the protein. Such proteins can look alive only in collagen hydrolyzate, which is the leading product in the series - The natural collagen Q Inventia 5-28.

Package: 50 ml

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