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Erekton Fast, 8 tabletek powlekanych


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diet supplement
30 capsules
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Erekton® is a two-phase dietary supplement in capsules developed especially for men, containing a composition of plant extracts, including Tribulus terrestris, which affects the maintenance of natural sexual activity and zinc, which helps maintain normal blood testosterone levels and normal fertility. The preparation also contains a complex of a highly absorbable form of arginine - a nitric oxide precursor, and vitamin B6, which contributes to maintaining normal energy metabolism and regulating hormonal activity

Particular attention should be paid to the high proportion of Tribulus terrestris extract components - PROTODIOSCYN and SAPONIN, which are the active ingredients responsible for its action, in Erekton®.

The preparation is intended: as a dietary supplement for use by men to maintain and increase physical and sexual fitness

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