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Pro Omega Joint Xtra 90 Sftg


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Purified Fish Oil + Glucosamine Sulfate and UC-II® Undenatured Type II Collagen

Promotes the repair of connective tissue and joint cartilage
Supports the rebuilding of healthy joints*
Supports healthy inflammatory levels*
Promotes joint mobility, flexibility, and comfort*
Is safe and effective for long-term use

Omega Joint Xtra combines double-strength EPA+DHA fish oil, glucosamine sulfate, and UC-II collagen, the primary form of collagen found in joint cartilage, to support the rebuilding of healthy connective tissue and cartilage.* Our UC-II is exclusively in its undenatured form to ensure efficacy. Together, these targeted nutrients deliver high-intensity support for joint health and function in one convenient formula.

Note: This product no longer contains added vitamin D3. Please refer to the product label for lot-specific supplement facts.*

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