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Licefreee! Kit is your complete solution to head lice infestation. For the most effective way to get rid of lice, we have packaged our original Non-Toxic Licefreee! Gel Head Lice Treatment along with our daily maintenance shampoo, Licefreee Everyday! Shampoo. Licefreee! Gel’s conditioning formula is tough on SUPER LICE and nits (head lice eggs), not your hair! Follow up with Licefreee Everyday! to help avoid reinfestation.

Product Description

Licefreee! Gel

Looking for an effective lice treatment? SUPER LICE and their eggs don’t stand a chance against Licefreee! Gel’s non-toxic, homeopathic formula! Made with the naturally occurring mineral, sodium chloride (salt), the gel effectively kills head lice and nits. Our formula is free of potentially harmful chemical pesticides, so it is safe for use on children 6 months and older!

To make treatment easier, Licefreee Gel comes with a root applicator to apply directly to the scalp. Also included, a professional nit comb to help effectively remove dead lice and nits.

Licefreee Everyday! Shampoo

As if head lice treatment and cleaning the house isn’t stressful enough, then comes concern of reoccurring lice infestation! Let Licefreee Everyday! Shampoo take that worry away! Simply use in place of your regular daily shampoo to help avoid reinfestation of head lice. Perfect to use:

  • After treating for head lice infestation
  • On the whole family
  • When notified of an outbreak at school or daycare

These two great products are combined in one package to make your head lice experience less stressful.

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