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Dr Irena Eris Clinic Way Anti-Wrinkle Dermocream 4 Night cream, 50 ml


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The result of progressive atrophic changes over time in the skin and the force of gravity. Playing collagen almost completely ceases decomposition supporting fibers, thereby weakening the strength of structures supporting the skin. A change features and oval face. Wrinkles become deep and clearly visible. For women in age 60.


Bio- Peptide - thanks to its unique construction acts as a mobile relay signals skin damage microstructure . Stimulates the repair and reconstruction of the cells responsible for proper linking and ordering "scaffolding" of the dermis (mainly collagen I and III) . Increases the integrity and cohesiveness of the skin , which is sharp oval face, and signs of aging become less visible.
Revolutionary  SKIN RENEWAL FGF1 LMS ™ unique technology LIPO - SPHERE - inhibits the aging process of the skin by reactivating the regenerative properties and potential for self-renewal at three levels of the skin.
Aqua Calcis - pharmacopoieal lime water , so antiseptic , soothing and relieving irritation provides a safe and comfortable care for sensitive skin .



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