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Farmona Radical Med Anti Hair Loss Ampoule Treatment 15 x 5ml Men


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RADICAL med Anti-hair loss treatment in ampoules for men
capacity: 15 ampoules, 5 ml
area: hair
skin type: damaged, falling out, weakened
action: strengthening, nourishing
age: unlimited
Treatment in anti-hair loss ampoules for men is a specialist new generation preparation for weakened and falling out hair. The ampoule treatment perfectly nourishes the hair, restoring its vitality and healthy appearance. A special formula based on natural ingredients regenerates and strengthens hair bulbs, and horsetail extract improves oxygenation of skin cells and prevents hair loss. Thanks to the use of the advanced Pro-Hair Booster 4H biocomplex, which contains a vitamin peptide, apigenin and oleanolic acid, hair becomes stronger. Arginine, ginseng, vitamin PP and provitamin B5 contained in the preparation effectively regenerate and nourish the hair bulbs, stimulating their growth.
perfectly nourishes the hair, restoring its vitality and healthy appearance,
nourishes and strengthens the hair follicles, accelerating natural hair growth,
regulates the work of sebaceous glands and improves microcirculation and blood supply to the scalp,
inhibits the activity of the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, responsible for androgenic alopecia, and strengthens the "anchoring" of the bulb in the scalp,
effectively inhibits hair loss and thinning
makes the hair stronger, visibly thicker and more dense.
Rub the contents of the ampoule into dry or gently dried scalp. Do not rinse. Use daily for a minimum of two weeks. One month of treatment gives optimal results. To maintain the effects, a strengthening treatment is recommended in spring and autumn. To strengthen the hair, we also recommend the use of the Radical® dietary supplement with an optimally selected set of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts.
Active ingredients:
Horsetail extract - ProHair Booster 4H - Trichogen - A, E, F vitamin complex and provitamin B5 - Inutec.

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